Retropie B.A.S.E.

Best Amalgamated Sytem Emulation

What does Best Amalgamated System Emulation mean?
There are many preconfigured Retropie images available, but the problem I had with the ones I tried is; every one is intent on fitting in as many roms as possible - sometimes whole romsets per system - which can make scrolling through the game list an effort in itself, nevermind actually choosing which one to play.

I wanted to build an image that was more basic. Using various "Top 100 Best Games for [insert console]" lists I could find. I built a list of roms on 10 classic consoles that doesn't exceed 150 roms per console, with most limited to 100 (and couple even less). With the addition of an Arcade section with 400 roms: significantly less than the thousands on most images.

So if like me, you want a Retropie system that has a managable amount of games, restricted simply to "classics" then this is for you. It also comes with a modified custom theme based off of Striation by ShawnS with added system menu images from sekazi's nbba theme.

Built on an 8gb card , with a total of just under 1500 roms on 11 systems; Snes, Genesis/Megadrive, Nes, Master System, Neo Geo, PC Engine, Game Boy Original/Color/Advance, Atari 2600, and Arcade/MAME.


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